Pre Bridal Packages

Bride showing her face after getting pre bridal package
Bride flaunting her face and skin after getting pre bridal package

Swarnkaya Skin Clinic is every bride’s one-stop solution to look and feel radiant and confident through the wedding festivities. Our pre bridal packages include all the services every bride may want before the big day such as body polishing, back shine, full-body scar removal and full body hair removal. These packages can be combined, altered or independently be provided as per our customer’s request

Every to-be bride is bombarded with the numerous beauty treatments leading up to the big day which can lead to added confusion and stress. What’s more – in case the treatments are done do not suit the skin, it can lead to irritations or breakouts, becoming a bride’s worst nightmare! Our team of experts has created pre bridal packages which evaluate every patient’s skin and recommend safe treatments while using completely sterile equipment and maintaining the highest standard of care and safety.

Back shine

It is a microdermabrasion technique is used to remove all the dead skin and bumps on the back revealing cleaner and smoother skin

Back Shine
Dermatologist providing Body Polishing service

Body polishing

It is an effective exfoliating technique that helps to remove all the dirt accumulated in the pores and hydrate the skin while making it look and feel fresher and supple

Full Body Hair Removal Treatment

It eliminates unwanted facial and underarm hair and ensures smooth and bright skin without needing to rush to the salon at the last minute

Hair Removal
Scar Removal

Full Body Scar Removal through Laser Treatment

It is especially useful as every bride should feel confident and comfortable being the center of attention without and worries

We also offer naturopathy and natural solutions for skin brightening, acne treatment and scar removal through our team of in-house experts. Please contact us for detailed information.

Pre Bridal 3

To know more about our pre bridal packages

Every patient is given customized treatment plans as per their individual needs as well as any guidance required post-treatment. Each of these procedures is conducted keeping in mind all the safety concerns with our team of specially trained nurses and doctors at Swarnkaya Skin Clinic.
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