Nobody wants dull skin, isn’t it?

However, the never-ending pollution, makeup products, humidity, exposure to sun rays, and complex lifestyles affect the skin’s health making it dull.


Well, in such cases, the facial appears out as the immediate skin angel. Be it men or women everybody seeks out for it as not only it relaxes the skin but also exfoliates it, giving the skin a natural glow.

To be precise there are several reasons and benefits of getting a facial. For instance, it helps increase in circulation of blood, allowing the skin’s optimal health to facilitate the renewal of skin cells. It also minimizes the waste underneath the skin that causes redness and puffiness. Moreover, it cleanses the pores on a deeper level and provides immense relief. Most important of all, facials slow down the aging process.

Importance of Medi-Facials

Following the monthly beauty regime and  going to salons for facials is quite common. Most women and men do a customary visit to the salons for facial massage to purify their skin, smoothen and brighten it.

However, when you visit a beauty center, you are bombarded with various facial options such as diamond facial, pearl facial gold facial, fruit facial, oxy facial, and more to accomplish different purposes. The options are quite superfluous. But do they help achieve the purpose with perfection?

 No, isn’t it? 

Do you realize, Why? 

It is because you might not be considering the right kind of facial as per your skin health. When you visit your local parlour, they guide you about the facial solution as per their limited knowledge. Sometimes, they ignore the fact that mass products cannot give the same results for one and all. However, a professional cosmetologist understands this and recommends services as per different skin types. So, if you really want to rejuvenate your skin, opt for ‘Medi-facials’ that perforates the deeper skin layers and have a better and long-lasting effect.

However, always ensure that you choose your facial service only after consulting with a professional cosmetologist to achieve the best results.

Swarnkaya Clinic understands the needs of your skin before jumping into the facials and before claiming to make the skin flawless. Our cosmetologist put in-depth thought behind every facial. Be it your wedding or a party scene, our skin consultants do a skin analysis and then only formulates facial care, to deliver the desired result. What differentiates us from the others is the amount of customization that goes into our brainstorming in terms of ingredients and process for each skin’s needs. We also understand that every skin is extremely sensitive, so maintaining a hygienic space always tops our priority list.

Wanna know more about us?

Let’s take a glimpse at a few custom-made facials that we have provided to our clients in the past.

Face Polishing Facial 

It is great for people who want to treat their wrinkles and fine lines. In this kind of facial, a cosmetologist spreads a layer of liquid carbon onto the face that helps to absorb all the dirt, oil, and dead skin cells from deep within the pores.

Face Polishing
Hydra Facial

Hydra Facial

It is known for its three-step process, deep cleaning, exfoliating, and hydrating the skin. It aids in treating a variety of skin conditions such as acne, wrinkle, and dryness.

Vampire Facial

Wanna try the trendy one, then vampire facial should be your ultimate stop. Now don’t let the title deceive you, we don’t use vampires for that. It’s a kind of facial that essentially uses, “your own blood to help promote the healthy activity of your skin cells,”

Vampire Facial
Anti Acne Facial

Anti Acne Facial

It helps to reduce acne symptoms by cleaning the skin and unclogging the pores by removing impurities, dead skin cells, oil, and debris thereby reducing inflammation to the skin.

Photo Facial

It is an advancement of regular facials, also called photorejuvenation. It focuses on reducing age spots, freckles, broken capillaries, and red blemishes. Photo facial over a period reduces the effects of UV damage on your skin.

Photo Facial
Fire and Ice Facial

Fire and Ice Red Carpet Facial

This facial is best known for usage in Hollywood and Bollywood to give actresses and actors flawless skin for their red carpet. It transforms the skin cellular level, stimulates collagen and elastin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles along with promoting a long-term anti-aging effect.

Oxygen Infused Facial

It’s against quite a famous treatment among the top celebrities. The oxygen-infused facial meets restorative relaxation by maximizing hydration and skin volume. It reduces uneven skin pigmentation and softens expression lines making the skin look brighter and more illuminated.

Oxygen Infused Facial
Micro Facial

Micro Facial

This treatment acts as an exfoliant for the top layer of your skin, eliminating undesired dead cells and debris. It calms and soothes the skin giving radiant results.

So, there goes a small  teaser of our services, if you want to experience the skin rejuvenating journey with us, visit us at our abode, Swarnkaya Clinic.

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