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I’ve been getting facials for YEARS and Swarn kaya’s facial is by far one of the best! This is why I keep coming back. Their soothing touch and incredible knowledge about all things “facial” is what makes them stand out from the rest. Rest assured it will be worth your while to have your face treated by a passionate and professional esthetician Team
thank you for it!

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Super Model (also Modeled for ZARA recently) 

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Fashion Model, Mr. Rajasthan 2017 and Rajasthan Style Ambassador 2018


With so many skin clinic on and off the strip, it took a while to find this gem and now I’m hooked. It’s easy to fall into the trap of new, better, best, and I had gone overboard they carefully explained what my skin needed (which was a lot less!) and proceeded to zap emerging cysts, soothe my inflamed skin, and send me home with confidence that my routine will be far less costly and irritating. Looking forward to regular visits here.


I have been a client of Swarnkaya skin clinic for many years, and as the title says, I would not go anywhere else. Their customer service is impeccable, their knowledge is vast, and I always get compliments from people after they give me treatment of carbon facial .Excellent treatment. My face felt very different. Highly recommend it!

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Fashion Model

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Actor at Zee TV


I have been going to Swarnkaya skin clinic for 11months now and in every sitting just gets better and better. Today I walked out looking more confident than earlier. They certainly has the magic touch. Consistency is so important, and They know what to do and how to do it


I am beyond satisfied with the uneven skin tone   treatment .i 100% recommend them.They are very   professional and knows what theydoing. Always   makes sure that the client is comfortable and okay. My   skin is glowing!! Truely commendable job

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Fashion Model and Actress in Rajasthani Movies

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